Vocation Prayers

Prayer for Vocations:

Loving God our Father,
your servant Saint Peter Julian Eymard,
who was captivated by your Son’s love
as revealed to us in the Eucharist,
greatly desired to manifest this love
to his contemporaries.

He established a new form of religious life
which is nourished by the Eucharist:
celebrated, adored,
and enriched with ministries of all kinds.

Through his intercession,
call forth many young people
who will labor in your Church
as priests, brothers or sisters.

Give us the grace
to become like the bread of the Eucharist
which is broken for the life of the world.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for the Gift of Self

Holy Father,
May the love you manifested in Jesus Christ,
and which we celebrate in the Eucharist,
move us to respond to your gift with the gift of ourselves.

Enable us to live the Paschal Mystery,
to interiorize it in prayer
and share with others the life that springs from it.

Assist us each day to respond to the call of Jesus, your Son,
who invites us to leave everything and follow him
along the evangelical path
like Saint Peter Julian Eymard.

May the Holy Spirit guide us
together with the Church
to search for you
and to be inspired by the Gospels at each step.

In your ever faithful love
and trusting in the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God,
and of Saint Peter Julian Eymard,
we ask you, Lord, that we may persevere throughout our life
in living the gift of ourselves as we serve Christ
and his holy Church.

Grant that we may build up a world founded on justice and love
so that your Kingdom may come
and your glory revealed to the world. Amen.

(Adapted from ROL 102)