About the Vocation Office

Is God calling you to priesthood and religious life? Marriage? How will you know what your life’s vocation is?

Our Vocation Director is available to help you discover how God is calling you to serve in the Church. He would be delighted to assist you in the process of discernment.

The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament is international! If you live in parts of the world other than the United States, we invite you to visit SSS Congregatio, the website of our General Administration. There you will find information on the life and mission of Blessed Sacrament Religious and Associates worldwide; learn more about Saint Peter Julian Eymard, the Apostle of the Eucharist, and our history; and be able to explore possibilities for membership (including vocational discernment).

The Vocation Ministry of our Province serves inquirers and candidates in the United States.

If you are interested in speaking with us, please e-mail [email protected].

procession2005Celebration. Adoration. Mission.

The mission of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament is to respond to the hungers of the human family with the riches of God’s love manifested in the Eucharist (Rule of Life #3). As a religious community of priests and brothers we have a deep love for Christ and his Church. Read more about our holy Founder, Saint Peter Julian Eymard here.


We daily celebrate the Eucharist, and pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office). In our ministries, we share the presence of the risen Christ through the celebration of the Church’s liturgy and sacraments.


Faithful to the tradition received from our holy Founder, we spend at least one hour each day in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. This prayer life forms part of our mission and charism.


Our mission is to respond to the hungers of the human family with the riches of God’s love manifested in the Eucharist (Rule of Life #3). We proclaim Christ’s Eucharistic presence in the world through sacramental ministry, writing, teaching, preaching, and working for justice.

Through our Center for Eucharistic Evangelizing we work in collaboration with committed lay people to promote the Eucharist through a variety of dynamic programs on the Eucharist.

Since 1856, 
we have faithfully 
served Christ and his Church 
by proclaiming God’s love 
manifested in the Eucharist:
 celebrated, adored, and lived.