Eucharist as a Celebration of Forgiveness

Eucharist as a Celebration of Forgivenesss by Francis J. Moloney, SDB.  New York, Paulist Press, 2017. Key to an understanding of this book and the theology of Fr. Moloney is a clear grasp of the concept of doctrine and the concept of teaching. Doctrine is related to creed and faith. Teaching is related to magisterium […]

Exploring Catholic Theology

Exploring Catholic Theology: Essays on God, Liturgy and Evangelization. By Bp. Robert Barron. Grand Rapids, MI, 2015 (E-book edition).   Bp. Robert Barron was born in Chicago, Illinois on November 19, 1959 and ordained a priest on May 24, 1986. He earned his MA in philosophy and the Basselin Scholarship in philosophy and public speaking […]

Ecumenical and Eucharistic Spirituality

Introduction Fifty years after the close of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, we do well to take a long look at where we are in its implementation and what difference it makes to us personally. We should try to focus on the spirituality which flows from the Eucharist as expressed in the theology of communion […]

Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer

Rowan Williams. Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer.   Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014.  96p. (Kindle edition)   In his Introduction, the former Archbishop of Canterbury asks: “What are the essential elements of the Christian life?” He is not asking what makes individual Christians holy, but rather what are the simple recognizable things that make one […]

The Eucharist in Eastern Orthodoxy

After Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athanagoras consigned the centuries old anathemas of 1054 AD to the “dust bin of history,” they pursued the dialogue of charity, i.e. encouraging Christians of the East and West to move toward faith in love. In 1980 Pope John Paul II and Patriarch Dimitrios officially launched the theological dialogue […]

The Eucharist and Christian Unity

Recently, in preparation for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and for the 2012 International Eucharistic Congress, I had the opportunity to speak in Dublin, Ireland at our Blessed Sacrament Shrine on the theme of the Eucharist and Christian Unity. Below are two video clips from my talk that I thought you might be interested in […]