Partners in Life and Mission
In partnership with the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, associates form communities of friendship and faith whose center of life is the Eucharist celebrated, contemplated, and lived.
This companionship with the congregation is expressed through actively sharing in its mission of eucharistic   evangelizing; through liturgical ministries and parish service, Communion   ministry and visitation of the aged and the infirm, promotion of eucharistic adoration, Life in the Eucharist programs, parish missions, outreach to the poor, and other ministries.
Formation as an Associate of the Blessed Sacrament is ongoing, and designed to help the associate live and grow as a witness to the Eucharist.
“Members of the aggregation are aware that
their sharing in the charism
will be all the more fruitful and profound
insofar as they become imbued
with an authentic Christian spirit  in accord
with the spirituality and mission of the congregation itself.
To foster this purpose, they take part
in the formation initiatives and gatherings
arranged for them at the local and congregational levels.
Members will attend to their personal formation
by study and reflection,
deepening their understanding of the Holy Scriptures,
the church’s teaching, and the spirituality of the founder.”
Rule of Life for Associates, 21