A Vision for Conversion

Leisa Anslinger. A Vision for Conversion: Eight Steps to Radically Change Your RCIA Process. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2018.  Vi, 104p. Bibliography p. 103-104.

Leisa Anslinger

Should the RCIA program be just for Lent? Anslinger believes it should be a year-round process. The reason is because the goal of evangelization is conversion, not only of the candidate, but of the entire parish. Change is really the target because change is required of every Christian. It is urgent and it is the essence of Christian living.

Leisa Anslinger is the director of Catholic Life and Faith, a pastoral resource center supporting parish and diocesan evangelization and schools by her ministry as an author and speaker. She gives a clear, step-by-step process for leadership of parishes through a dynamic conversion of a parish.

Change is required by everyone who lives. For Christians, that means conversion, becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. Anslinger brings together the principles and methodology of the RCIA program with the insights of John P. Katter’s Leading Change. (Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2012.) She stresses the steps that establish a vision which will be created by the RCIA team. The vision must be shared, the barriers of the vision must be removed while progress toward the vision is to be celebrated and kept alive. Finally, it must be a vision that lasts.

The three first chapters of the book give the foundations and structure of the process. Finally, the combination of the RCIA documents, and the USCCB document on faith formation for adults, the emphasis on change and its urgency from the business world, and the teaching of scripture and solid evangelization are the strength of the eight steps to radical change for the RCIA process. If the parish is transformed into disciples who are following Jesus Christ, conversion will result and spread.