Ecumenism of Life: It must be real

The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council made it clear that ecumenical spirituality was no longer a mere movement of some of the Christian churches. It has become an essential part of the Christian way of life, and of the mission of the church. Since the council this view of the way in which the unity of […]

Ecumenical and Eucharistic Spirituality

Introduction Fifty years after the close of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, we do well to take a long look at where we are in its implementation and what difference it makes to us personally. We should try to focus on the spirituality which flows from the Eucharist as expressed in the theology of communion […]

Seeking a Unified Moral Witness: ARCUSA

Introduction   Two years ago I began to review the reports of the Anglican, Lutheran and Protestant churches at the international level and their reports, usually on a five year cycle, of these Western Christian Churches with the Roman Catholic Church. I now propose to give an account of the national dialogues in the United […]